Selamat Datang.


Welcome to Frangipani Batik and Ikat. Here, you can read blogs about the textiles we use, our collections featuring these textiles and links to anything you are interested in buying. Let us introduce ourselves properly…

We are a small family run business, started in 2016, in Dublin, Ireland. Our owner, Margaret, comes from Singapore, where batik and ikats are part of the multi-cultural identity of the country due to the close proximity Singapore has to the archipelago of Indonesia. Margaret is a big fan of these textiles; she collects them, designs with them, and has even made clothes for her own children with them. She is wonderfully knowledgeable about both ikats and batiks. She is also knowledgeable on the subject of fashion design, having studied it in The Grafton Academy of Fashion Design during the 1960s.

Also part of team is Kiran, her daughter, who brings her own fashion experience through the knowledge and expertise garnered from years working in clothing retail. She takes care of the website where the various items sells are previewed (www.frangibatik.com). Her knowledge of how to run a shop comes in the form of stock management, floor management and sales. She understands the great importance of customer services, and that having a good rapport with those who visit our websites is very important.

So please stay awhile, explore and be enlightened, as we take you on a trip around Indonesia, through the culture, the textiles and the colours of this vibrant nation.

Terima Kasih.



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